Wine Food Pairing, an Unannounced Visit!

Wine Food Pairing is simple if you just prepare a bit in advance, but what about an unannounced visit?

When friends drop in by surprise, look to your wine cellar....or in my case a wine closet! Yesterday, friends caught me literally up a ladder....what to do?

Out came a 2006 Thorngate - California Viognier....this was a gift from another friend and was highly recommended for it's tropical flavors and elegant herbal tones. My husband did the honors and poured the first glass and we all agreed it was delightful!

I popped into the kitchen and put together a quick Caesar salad....I know, it doesn't sound quick, but if you keep a few key ingredients in the pantry, like anchovies, it really is no big deal! Toss a bit of shredded Parmesan cheese on top and a few grilled shrimp .... PRESTO ... a quick snack for everyone to enjoy!

The Viognier complimented the salad and a terrific afternoon was had by all. Wine Food Pairing is easy to do. CHEERS!

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