Wine Food Pairing Tastes the New Kid on the Block

Wine Food Pairing always encourages new wineries to submit their "nectar" for review.

Batavia Bob lovingly shared some wine, bottled in an old soda bottle, from the extensive cellar of Jami & Julies Bar & Grill in Illinois. Mark and Paul Anderson were the lead vintners, the recipe passed down from their fathers. Jami White and Bob Brown provided labor to squeeze the grapes and mix the ingredients.

The wine was born in early September 2006. The grapes were carefully harvested from fence rows and other secret locations in western Kane county, IL. After harvest they were placed in specially prepared (they cleaned the paint out) 5gal buckets and lightly mashed. The mash was then allowed to rest for about a week before the pressing operations began. Only natural, untreated well water from the Silurian System shallow bedrock aquifer was used and the vintners insist on only the finest sugar from Sam's Club.

After the pressing and mixing was completed the mixture was transfered to an oak barrel and placed in a secret dark closet in the cellar at aforementioned Bar & Grill for about a year to age.

The critical question, what should one "pair" with this wine? Wine Food Pairing worked extensively to come up with the answer. Turkey, both white and dark meat was tested......not really the best for either the wine or the poor turkey. Next we tried brats, but they didn't compliment each other either. Finally we had our neighbor Jack taste Batavia Bob's wine and after much deliberation he had the answer....... "you know, it really tastes a lot like communion wine!"

Well, that's it! Communion wine! Think of all the possibilities. Think of all the churches in need of such wine. Dollar signs shown in Bob's eyes and he figured that even if the churches wouldn't buy the wine, they might be able to get a terrific tax deduction for donating it!

Wine Food Pairing can be a challenge and ALWAYS is an adventure. CHEERS!

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