Wine Food Pairing - Local Pig Roast ... YIKES!

Wine Food Pairing visits the local pig roast! YIKES! It was complete with the star of the show ... Mr. Pig with an apple in his mouth! What could be better?

Once a year our local island has a pig and chicken roast to welcome back all the neighbors ..... we call them snow birds, but do not confuse these folks with the birds that we roasted on the grill! It was BYOB and an appetizer or dessert, with the main ingredients provided by one of our local restaurants, the Capri Fish House. They always do a SUPER job! Thanks Mike!

The main question of the day, what wine do I bring to this event? I carefully packed up our red plastic cups for the event and then went to the wine closet to make my selection. After much searching, I brought out the 2005 Red Rose Lane - Sonoma County Signature Reserve. It was a terrific hit! The rose complimented both the pork and the fowl hot off the grill.

Wine Food Pairing once again proves that if you have good food, great wines and terrific friends life is perfect. CHEERS!

For more information on the Capri Fish House you can look at their website. If you are ever in the area, be sure to visit won't be disappointed!

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