Wine Food Pairing - the Party Began on a Somber Note

Wine Food Pairing, the party began on a somber note.......

We all joined hands........ Bob led us in prayer .....
Oh glorious King of the oinkers, may you look down on Carol as she labors to prepare one of your most valued gifts. May you guide her hands as she carefully rubs the ..................seasonings and prepares the spices, and especially as she commences the pulling.
May you keep her oven at the proper temperature
May you keep her Chardonnay cold.


The prayer ended and we all dug into some of the tastiest pulled pork in all of southwest Florida.

Carol and Jim hosted a terrific food feast at their home on the river and all the guests wandered away with a full belly, a warm glow from the good wine and smiling from the camaraderie of great friends.

The pork was paired with your choice of wines ...... Yellow Tail Chardonnay, Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio or a wonderful Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon. I personally went for the Pinot Grigio.
Wine Food Pairing is truly a matter of personal taste and a crisp Pinot on a warm winter evening in Florida did the trick for me!

Wine Food Pairing, always an adventure. CHEERS!

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