Wine Food Pairing - Celebrates Kitchen Klutz Day!

Get ready folks, tomorrow Friday June 13th, wine food pairing will be celebrating National Kitchen Klutz Day! This is a day that is close to my heart ... I tend to spill, drop, step in ... YUK ... all sorts of things in the kitchen. Maybe having my kitchen TV isn't such a good thing?

I am so klutzy that my husband locks up all the sharp knives and insists he do all the major slicing and dicing! I mean really ...

OK, I do have my own tube of super glue in the kitchen drawer for when I slice a finger ... band-aids just don't cut it (pun intended) when you are in the middle of large meal prep ... just one drop and hold the skin together .. just don't glue your fingers together!

So, to celebrate National Kitchen Klutz Day, I will be ordering a pizza to be delivered .... pepperoni and extra mushrooms ... the only kitchen utensil I will be handling is the corkscrew for the inexpensive Chianti I plan on pairing with it. On second thought, maybe I will go for the screw top version ..... after all ... no need to tempt the "klutz" Gods!

Wine food pairing, enjoy your celebration. CHEERS!

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Maggie said...

I love the super glue idea!