Wine Food Pairing Goes to Guy Harvey Grill

Wine food pairing goes to the Guy Harvey Island Grill on Marco Island with friends yesterday and what a great time we had!

Located on the water, Smokehouse Bay to be exact, it has terrific views as well as a great island ambiance! Large saltwater aquariums with colorful fish entertain and Guy Harvey's art dots the walls.

Guy Harvey, for those non-fisher type people, is a Marine artist, scientist, diver, angler, conservationist and explorer. As a conservationist, he insists that the grill does not serve swordfish, grouper or shark. To quote his website: "By not consuming these over fished species we are making an individual contribution to the long term improvement of these fish stocks." A percentage of all proceeds goes to help fund the Guy Harvey's Research Institute at Nova University ....... COOL!

Well, wine food pairing decide to try the house Pinot Grigio, it was crisp, chilled perfectly and tasty. I paired this up with the "catch of the day" sandwich, white roughy ... great choice! The roughy was very lightly breaded, fried, served atop a fresh roll and garnished with red onion, tomato and lettuce. The fish was about three times the size of the roll, so you can imagine that there was plenty for lunch and a lot to take home to enjoy later!

I'm not sure what I enjoyed most, the company of good friends or the meal ....hmmm .... I'm glad I don't have to make a choice . Wine food pairing ... try it sometime! CHEERS!

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