Wine Food Pairing Goes Mexican!

Wine food pairing ..... sometimes while I am dancing around my kitchen, usually after a couple of glasses of wine, I just want to shout OLE` and whip up some quesadillas from scratch. Well, not really scratch because I buy the flour tortillas already made and just add my fillings and grill!

I like to make mine with shrimp, garlic and onions. Now, I usually saute the onions and garlic together in a little EVOO to sweat them down a bit ... like its not sweaty enough here in Florida in the summer! Then I toss the shrimp in for just a minute to get them flavorized, is that a word? I don't want the shrimp guys to get over cooked and chewy.

Now I have my king sized fry pan out with just a spritz of pam so they don't stick. I build the quesadillas with a sprinkling of Mexican mix cheese then I spoon over my shrimpie mix and then another dusting of cheese .... put the top tortilla on and I am ready for the pan ... get it to a medium high heat and watch it ... you don't want them to burn ... just get a bit brown and crispy.

Flip once and then gently remove to a large platter. I use the large flour tortillas so one of these guys is enough for two people. I use my pizza cutter or even my kitchen scissors to slice the quesadilla into generous pieces.

Garnish with a small bowl of homemade salsa and another of sour cream .... YUMMO! Now for the wine ..... How about a nice Merlot from the Barefoot wineries. I always chill my red wines in the summer here. After all, room temperature is over eighty with the AC on! Holy smokes, this was good enough to do a little tango around the kitchen island.

Wine food pairing, south of the border, ole`. CHEERS!


dh4j said...

Hi Denise...thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!.. .I suppose I should read your great blog now and then I am sure I will become a wine lover!!! (or I will always be hungry!) Such fun!! By the way, if my kitchen was big enough I'd dance in it too...LOL

Personal Wine Blog said...

Cheers to chilling the red wine a bit in the summer. Here in Texas room temperature just won't do as well.

Also, thanks for the comment on our blog. I am working on a follow up entry to look out for that!


NatNibbles said...

Sounds so simple & yummy! Barefoot wines are a great deal too.