Wine Food Pairing - Merlot Challenges the Cookie Monster

Milk and cookies, wine food pairing doesn't think so!

What about hot, out of the oven, chocolate chip cookies and a Merlot that is rich in plum and mocha notes with a hint of oak? Barefoot Merlot has a wonderful texture and color ... real decadence!

Chocolate and wine can be paired in a way that shows off the best and most interesting aspects of each, but only if one follows a few simple guidelines. You have to look at the type of chocolate that you are using and the percentage of cocoa. I used dark chocolate chips that had a higher amount of cocoa. The cookies were less sweet because of this and as we nibbled on the cookies and sipped the wine we all decided that we had found heaven on earth!

Wine food pairing ... the cookie monster takes on Barefoot Merlot and we were all winners. CHEERS!

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