Wine Food Pairing with Pasta Salad, YUM!

Wine food pairing can be such a delight in these hot/humid months of summer. Try a quick and easy cold pasta salad with just what you have hanging out in the fridge!

The extra pasta that you cooked the night before and the skinless chicken breast that you had left over from lunch makes the beginning of a terrific warm weather meal. Chop up some black olives, red onion, green pepper and fresh tomatoes then throw them all in your big mixing bowl to toss! I mixed up a quick dressing by combining a zesty bottled Italian dressing with "light" miracle whip and everyone thought I'd worked hard. Please don't tell anyone!

Put all of this into a large, colorful pasta serving dish and garnish with chopped fresh basil from the garden, sunflower seeds and shredded Parmesan cheese.

I served this with a chilled Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and it was super. The wine was crisp, elegant, and fresh and was the perfect pairing..... even I was impressed!

Wine food pairing is as close as the leftovers in your fridge. CHEERS!

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Jaclyn said...

I love NZ sauvignon blancs! They're perfect for Manila weather and have notes that remind you of the tropics. Complex yet very refreshing!

Just found your blog and I think its really cool. Looking forward to more posts. Cheers!