Wine Food Pairing Goes Bohemian!

Yes, wine food pairing goes Bohemian .... Bohemian Highway Wine, that is!

What better way to welcome back my husband who has been touring the wine country in Austria, than with a "cheeky" Californian red.

I made a quick trip to the Winn-Dixie searching for the perfect "back to the US" meal. Thick, juicy T-bone steaks and fresh asparagus looked like a winner ... now for the wine .....

Winn-Dixie has quite a large wine department and they had a new wine that was on special called Bohemian Highway. To quote the back of the bottle:

"On its journey from the wine country hills to the Pacific, the Bohemian Highway meanders through vineyards, redwood forests and palm groves. This wine embodies the casual, free flowing spirit you'll find along the way."

Sounds good to me!

Just before I left for the airport, I put together his favorite whole wheat honey nut bread and turned on the bread maker...... OK, cheap trick , I know ... nothing like walking into a house with bread baking ... but I couldn't resist! So we get home, the bread maker is done, the house smells wonderful, I fire up the grill and pop the cork on a bottle of chilled Freixenet for a welcome home toast.

Time for the Austrian to go into action ... the grill "meister" gets the steaks on the barbie ... I steam up the asparagus, drizzle it with a bit of pumpkin seed oil and we are ready for the All American dinner. YUMMO! The Bohemian Merlot, with a burst of red raspberry fruit flavors, paired great with the steaks and we both agreed that this was the perfect way to spend his first evening back.

Wine food pairing travels around the world. CHEERS!

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