WFP - Yeah...the Bird Has Finally Flown the Coop!

Wine food pairing has had turkey in many shapes and forms over the last couple of weeks and all I can say is HOORAY! The "bird" has finally flown the coop!

I almost had tears in my eyes when Aunt Patti and Brewski Bob invited us down to their house for smoked baby back ribs the other night ... ! I knew that we would be in for a real treat.

Brewski got his new digital smoker last year and I must say, he has been practicing and it seems that it has paid off. The meaty ribs were smoked with apple wood and when I asked what the delicious dry rub was, he told me that whatever he could find in the spice cabinet went on to the ribs .... YUMMO!

I paired these babies with a 2003 Christian Moueix Merlot. This French wine from the Bordeaux region was smooth and earthy ... perfect for the ribs. I even had the non-wine drinkers sipping!

I must say that coming off of 2 weeks turkey, this wine and food affair was the best of the new year .... so far .... competition is a great thing for those of us that love wine food pairing ... it is all about the food and wine. CHEERS!

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