Wine Food Pairing - A Dash of Mexican Fun .. Ole`

Every now and then the wine food pairing crew has a hankering for some excellent Mexican food. We are so lucky to have a local restaurant that has authentic and reasonably priced Mexican food that is just around the corner!

Maria's Restaurant has been in business now for several years at the corner of US 41 and SR 951 in Naples, Florida ... always friendly and offering the freshest of food it is always my Mexican place of choice for a quick bite to eat. It brings back memories of sitting on the beaches of Mexico sipping icy cold cerveza and munching on salty chips and hot salsa .... Oh My!

Anyway, I digressed a bit ....

I ordered a delicious beef steak chimichanga ... kind of like a deep fried burrito with beans and rice ... sour cream on top and some of the ... YIKES ... hot green salsa. This had me ordering a second Dos Equis to put out the fire ... lol!

BigAl ordered a Mexican Tipico sandwich that would put Subway to shame ... this "bad boy" had layer upon layer of tasty meats, lettuce and tomatoes. It had breaded beef steak, grilled ham and sliced pork roast ... my goodness ... everything was piled so high it was tough to even wrap your lips around it! The portions were so generous that we both took boxes home and had lunch the next day.

Sometimes, I have found that when you are doing wine food pairing, the best wine is beer and the Dos Equis was the perfect pairing!

Wine food pairing, it's all about the food and beer. CHEERS!


Bob said...

That's funny, I've been craving Mexican for weeks now. I like it with Negro Modelo (sic?). I agree, sometimes the best wine is beer. :)

A World in a PAN said...

I agree about pairing Mexican food and beer!

Jane Marie said...

Interesting picture. Thanks for the chuckle of the day.

I don't like beer. I know it's out of fashion but I still like to order Sangria with Mexican food. Call me crazy!

Daily Spud said...

Has to be beer with Mexican food for me too - it's the only way to go!