Wine Food Pairing - Pompano with a MOJO Momma Kick

Wine food pairing is always looking for something just a little different than what we have done before ... after all ... how many times can you have the same old thing?

Our neighbor, Jack, gifted us some wonderful Pompano fillets from a fishing trip. As he presented them to me he proudly announced that they were swimming in the Gulf of Mexico a half an hour before. This brings a whole new meaning to "fresh" fish ... lol!

Pompano are wonderful tasting fish, firm and white, but flaky meat with a delicate taste. I always love to do something basic with these guys and then kick them up a notch!

I love to grill fish, but no matter how much oil I use, the fish fillets always seem to stick on the grill ... my answer to this problem is a nonstick fish basket, I use the Charcoal Companion CC3035 Ultimate Rectangular-Shaped Nonstick Grilling Basket
... works like a charm every time! I oiled the fish with a dab of veggie oil and then S & P ... that's it.

Now for the extra kick ! I whipped up a MOJO sauce using the juice of 2 oranges, 1 lemon, 1/2 jalapeno pepper, cilantro, fresh from my garden, 2 smooshed garlic cloves, S & P all pulsed in the blender with a drizzle of EVOO. HOLY SMOKES ... this was tasty!

After BigAl removed the fish from the grill I liberally brushed this MOJO "nectar" over the fillets and it had our taste buds tap dancing and our eyes watering! It was even great on the grilled zucchini and summer squash.

For this wine and food event I opened up a Bold Cabernet Sauvignon from Marcus James ... this Argentinian wine from the Mendoza Province hints of blackberry, strawberries and underscored tannins .... my, my,my ....

With wine food pairing, it is all about the food and wine. CHEERS!

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