Wine Food Pairing with the Other White Meat!

Wine food pairing with the other white meat .... what might that be you ask?  Well, pork, of course!

For some reason pork is quite reasonalble in the local markets right now and that is always the best time to buy ... but sometimes I get tired of the old tried and true recipes so I looked to BigAl to come up with something special.  He always has great ideas mixing his Austrian upbringing and his American lifestyle and coming up with tasty results!

He started out with my cast iron skillet ... I don't use it nearly often enough ... it is a terrific way to cook, holds the heat and once seasoned, will last a lifetime. I got this one from Shoppers Choice and I highly recommend it!

BigAl starts out prepping the chops by stabbing garlic into the pork chops with our handy dandy meat tenderizer along with a quick rub of veggie oil. He heats the skillet up with a touch of oil and a dab of butter ... gotta love those Austrians ... they really know how to flavor their food!  A quick sear and then they are ready for the next step ....

... meanwhile I have "sweated" down some onions and mushrooms and they are ready for the magic! A splash of white wine, a little cream and a touch of corn starch to thicken the sauce ... S&P to taste ... pour this over the chops and into the oven to finish up.  It doesn't take long ... depends on thickness ... we like our pork done medium .... of course, we need a topper for this ... a handful of mozzarella cheese and under the broiler for a second or two and voila we have a meal!

I have chosen to pair this wonderful meal with garlic smashed potatoes and BigAl earlier in the day made his famous red cabbage .... a delightful mix of red cabbage, red wine vinegar, a tart apple, sugar and S & P ..... totally yummy!

I was in the mood for a crisp white wine for the wine and food event and  pulled out an Italian Pinot Grigio .... it did the trick with its refreshing crispness ..... 

An awesome meal of "scheinefleisch mit rotkraut" .... wine food pairing ... it's all about the food and wine.  CHEERS!

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