Wine Food Pairing - Wok for Your Health!

Wine food pairing wants to know ... "have you considered 'woking' for your health"?

We were introduced to the art of cooking with a wok by our friend "Sail Boat Karl", an Austrian friend that has sailed all over the world ... what is quicker and easier to use on a sailboat than a one pan, or in this case, wok meal?

This is great for what ever you have on hand ... this particular one has zucchini, summer squash, onions, red & green pepper along with some fresh ginger, garlic and shrimpies! The seasonings are whatever we feel like that particular day ... this wok has low sodium soy sauce, Emeril's Asian, Ty Ling Five Spice, Crystal hot sauce and a touch of dry white wine.

We always use peanut oil in our wok with just a dab of sesame seed oil for flavor .... all in all, a pretty terrific quick, tasty and nutritious meal!

When you go looking to purchase your wok, it is important to choose the correct one ... do NOT get a nonstick wok ... the high heat and stirring with chopsticks always damages the coating ... that means you are eating the non-stick coating ... YUK! My personal favorite is from Joyce Chen and is the: Joyce Chen Classic 14-Inch Carbon Steel Flat Bottom 4-Piece Wok Set
It really makes a difference when you have the proper tools for the job at hand!

To get in the mood for our Asian wine and food feast I always break out the sake ... I like mine hot, but some prefer to chill it .... our fave is Gekkeikan .... sake is a fermented rice beverage and definitely has the "kick" of wine or beer so be prepared!

Now, cooking Chinese style has so healthy meals, that one of my New Years resolution was to eat more of it. I found this super Chinese recipe book online and I have gotten some terrific recipes and ideas from it ... be sure to check it out!

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Wine food pairing ... it is all about the great food and wine. CHEERS!

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bensbaby116 said...

I just got a new wok and am still experimenting with it. I love it so far! Great blog... my husband and I are very into wine. I'll be checking back often. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)