Wine Food Pairing - Fun with a Crazy Czech Chick!

Wine food pairing ... at the Sunset Grille on Marco Island ... one of the only eating and drinking establishments on the island that actually has a spectacular view as the sun sets into the Gulf of Mexico.

It's funny that most of the time BigAl and I stay home and enjoy our quiet island paradise, but when company comes it is our time to play tour guide.

The weather has been crazy. Our usual warm and sunny days have been replaced by cold .... and wind ...

Well, we had to come up with something to warm ourselves and our company up .... Maria, was visiting from the Czech Republic ... she hails from the Budweiser or Budvar region ( České Budějovice ).

This is the area where the original
Budweiser beer was brewed ... the American Budweiser, alas, is simply a copy ... lol!

The sunset grille serves up large platters of food and was just what we needed to get our engines started! Big Al went for a Caesar salad topped with a homemade chicken salad and I was feeling a bit Mexican ... this king sized plate of Nachos had us all shouting OLE` .... I paired this tasty dish with a crisp Pinot Grigio from Ecco Domani ... YUMMO!

Maria ordered up the peel and eat shrimp and was not disappointed ... everyone enjoyed everything and we still took food home.

We had a great time down at the Sunset Grille with the crazy Czech chick. Wine food pairing ... it's all about the food and wine. CHEERS!

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