Wine Food Pairing - A Reuben to Die For!

What could be better on a balmy winter's day in Florida than to go the local watering hole for a tasty cool beer and a "killer" Reuben sandwich? Wine food pairing sometimes slips a bit into beer food pairing and let me tell you ... it works just great!

The Capri Cafe, located on beautiful Isles of Capri, Florida offers some of the best food, service and views around this tiny island jewel!

First off, when we arrive, we are always greeted by name, even Houdini! Jeb Bush signed the doggy dining bill a few years back when he was governor and the cafe goes right along! Well mannered dogs are welcome at this open air dining establishment ... he is even served his cool water right along with our beers ... lol!

My very favorite at the cafe is the gigantic Reuben sandwich that they serve on marbled rye bread. This monster makes at least 2 meals for me and is stuffed full of tender corned beef, tangy sauerkraut and delicious dressing that marries all the flavors together ... Houdini always gives it a 4 tail wag!

BigAl decided on the fried fish fillet sandwich. This is a change on the menu as their last fish sandwich was no comparison to this chicken of the sea! Once again, Houdini gave it a 4 tail wag ... we take the breading off for him so he only gets the delicious white fish ... fresh and tasty.  Houdini must watch his "studdly" figure.

It is always a lot of fun to visit this local cafe ... a time to catch up with all the local friends that wander in and out.

At the entrance of the cafe is the transom of "Island Gypsy,"a boat that has been plying the waters of Isles of Capri as well as all over the world for many years now.  Obviously, the boat has "retired"!  Hurricane Wilma sank her 3 years ago, she was raised and sold by the insurance company ... the new owner was not  loving and she sank again ... right outside the Isles of Capri Cafe ... what to do?  The Cafe owners decided that the "now abandoned" boat would be  perfect to welcome guests to this Island eatery.  

So, my friends, this is the proud ending to this loyal yacht!

The Island Gyspy .... she has seen a lot of adventures and wine food pairing in her day.  CHEERS!

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