Wine Food Pairing - Let's Heat it Up!

Wine food pairing ... sometimes I just get these crazy cravings ... perhaps it is my age or the fact that I have an adventurous spirit! Anyway, as I was cruising down my supermarket aisle I noticed a package of Fiery Habanero chips ....... Hmmmmmm hot could they be?

I was in the mood for a bit of heat and I thought, this would be great for my cocktail hour appetizer. Already anticipating the tingling my taste buds would receive, I gave some thought as to what I would "pair" with these crunchy taste treats. I wasn't really in the mood for beer and my famous Margarita's, while totally delish, leave me in a fog the next day.

Down the next aisle I found the perfect compliment looking down at me from one of the top shelves .... Champagne or sparkling wine!

My fave is Freixenet Brut ...... with that sexy looking black bottle. I made my purchase and took it home for a quick chill.

OK, the moment has arrived ... I open the bag carefully and the pungent aroma of spice hits me .... smells good ... I shake some out into a serving dish and pop one in my mouth ... hey this is good, not really hot at all! I continue with my preparations and pop the cork on the chilled Freixenet .... and pop a couple of more chips in my mouth ... HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!

Let me just say this about these deadly chips ... they creep up on you! I passed by a mirror while running to the "ladies" and I looked like a crazed woman ... my nose was running, eyes watering and perspiration was running off my brow! I guess I am a wimp when it comes to heat. Once I got my body fluids under control and was able to take a sip of the chilled champers, things settled down!

The Freixenet kept the heat down to a tolerable level and complimented these tasty guys, in fact, I felt like taking a quick turn around the dance floor!

OK, maybe they weren't quite that good, but still something I would try again ... maybe!

Wine food pairing, heat it up. CHEERS!

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Uncle Brewski said...

Be careful you don't get too heated up with "Big AL" out of town!!