Wine Food Pairing - We say Goodbye to Guanaja!

It wasn't a pretty sight, but wine food pairing says goodbye to Guanaja Honduras until next time. Here is our good friend Brewski Bob curled up in a hammock, snuggled up with a bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot. Unfortunately, his wife, Pat couldn't make it down this trip and Bob was forced keep himself entertained!

It was definitely time to leave, as you can see, Bob was down to his last 2 Lempiras (about 10 cents)!

After Bob's quick snooze in the hammock, we all wandered over to the Castaways restaurant for one last meal. Kevin whipped up an All American hamburger and french fries for us and we paired it with the remains of the Chilean red. It was one of our best meals ever!

The terrific view of the crystal clear Caribbean water only a few feet from our table will make this vacation unforgettable.

Wine Food Pairing in Guanaja Honduras, Central America. Cheers!

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