Wine Food Pairing - a Neighborhood Get Together

Wine Food Pairing with good friends and neighbors is always a treat. Yesterday we had a terrific get together across the street on the Marco River at Carol and Jim's house. It is that time of year where our numbers dwindle as many go back "up north" to homes that are too cold in the winter! So we needed one last "meeting" before 2 more couples leave next week.

The email invitation read "bring an appetizer, or not" ... there is never a lack of food at these parties, but everyone still brings something of interest. I guess I missed the part that said, as long as it is sausage! No, it wasn't on the invitation, but as I wandered in, everyone looked at me in expectation ... did I bring sausage, also?

Well, I had some crispy coconut shrimp on toothpicks with a spicy orange chili dipping sauce. I set the plate down and looked at the counter. Everyone had made a sausage plate ... there was sweet and sour sausage, teriyaki sausage, hot sausage, brats and more! I felt like the kid at school who forgot it was St. Paddies Day and didn't wear green! Too funny. Apparently, there must have been a "mind meld" and everyone of them came up with this original idea on their own.

I chose the Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio for my beverage of the evening and it paired great with the shrimp and really put out the heat from the hot sausage. There was also one of my very favorite Beaujolais from Louis Jardon and that complimented the brats perfectly.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening. Munching on tasty treats, sipping good wine, chatting comfortably with friends and watching the boat traffic on the river. Truly wine food pairing at its best! Thank you Carol and Jim. CHEERS!

The picture above was taken by Carol Kinkead, our hostess. As you can see she is a professional photographer. To view more of her stock photos, or perhaps purchase one, you can visit her web site at:

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