Wine Food Pairing - Space Shuttle Launch Party!

Wine food pairing, any excuse for a party! Weather permitting, we have a terrific view of the space shuttle launches from our backyard. So the gang all came over and we gathered around ... first the computer with a glass of Oak Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon .......

Then the TV screen ....... the sky began to cloud up this afternoon ... it was bright sunshine earlier this morning ..... Of course, when they had the nine minute hold it began to rain here!

RATS! I brought out the fried cheese sticks, we sipped wine and listened to mission control on the TV. My camera was at the ready.... just in case we had a cloud break. Well, it continued to rain and we watched the launch on the TV screen. Not nearly as special as seeing in the backyard!
Here is a picture of a night launch from our backyard 8 years ago. Very special, indeed!

Our wine food pairing went well and, of course everyone cheered as the Discovery lifted off. When ever I watch this magnificent event I get emotional and teary eyed because I feel so blessed to live in such a great country .... the whole crowd felt this way ....

God bless America. CHEERS!

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow! Another Floridian on the blogroll! How great! I have never seen the space launch, sounds like quite a special experience!