Wine Food Pairing - the Stars of the Show!

Wine food pairing ... we went by boat to the StarBar on Marco Island for a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch. The weather was delightful ... the way it is in Florida during the late spring .... warm, humidity down and the sky so blue that it almost hurts your eyes.

Carol and Jim took their "lunch launch" and we all piled in for the short ride. Little did we know that we would have entertainment on the way. These two dolphin guys decided to do a "flipper" show for us. You just have to love it!

We arrived in style and were greeted by our server who is well known by all and out came the chilled glasses of wine. Chardonnay for Carol and Jim, Pinot Grigio for me and aqua on ice for my escort Houdini. Houdini, my little Maltese, takes his job seriously when his Dad is out of town and accompanies me everywhere!

We started with appetizers ... warm, roasted red pepper hummus served with pita bread, calamari and fried mozzarella sticks. Served with their freshly made dipping marinara sauce, we could have stopped there and I would have been satisfied, but the afternoon was young and we were out just to relax and enjoy. The chilled wine kept coming, the Star Bar was attentive to our needs and the view sitting outside was wonderful!

On to the entree ... Houdini and I shared a yummy turkey wrap that was made even better by the sliced banana peppers. The cold Pinot Grigio soothed the "bite" from the peppers and the portions were so large that I took half of it home!

What a terrific afternoon with friends ... this is what wine food pairing is all about! CHEERS!

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