Wine Food Pairing - Beach Dogs and Brats

Wine food pairing a lazy weekend and what to serve? It is summer and steamy out, so why not crank up the barbie and pull out a terrific new Australian wine?

Beach Dogs wine from South Eastern Australia has juicy ripe blackberry aromas and the Cabernet that we tasted was perfectly structured.

All of this said ... we paired it with brats that always are a hit. I par boil my brats in beer, what else .... and then toss them on the grill for a bit to finish up. I always do an extra foil packet with onions, and sliced green and red peppers. Not only do they brighten up the plate, but they just taste darn good!

Of course, I had to tweak my husbands favorite sauerkraut and serve that alongside. I always drain and wash the kraut then add it to sauteed onions, bacon and a healthy swig of white cooking wine. Seasoned with caraway seeds, S & P and a dash of Italian seasoning. Let all this cook down for a while until tender and you are looking at kraut that passes the Austrian husband test .. LOL!

Wine food pairing can be tail wagging good. CHEERS!

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mare said...

Wine is good but corks are lousy. Fought with corks on 2 bottles - the first my husband managed to finally get it out without breaking it. The second bottle the bottom portion of the cork broke off in the neck. Second attempt to get it out did remove it but left some pieces of cork in the bottle making it necessary to filter out the pieces with a coffee filter when pouring. Not worth it.