Wine Food Pairing – Put the Lime in the Coconut …

Wine food pairing sometimes takes a vacation from heart healthy foods and breaks out the deep fat fryer from the depths of the kitchen cabinets. I just had the terrible craving for fried coconut shrimp, my very “most” favorite type of fried food! I was even humming ... put the lime in the coconut ...hmmmm ...

I got clearance from my husband for the delicious but deadly shrimpies, cranked it up and tossed the frozen shell fish into the fryer. I get them already prepared from the Restaurant Depot, an east coast Florida warehouse that specializes in foods just for restaurants. You know, the times that you have been served wonderful coconut shrimp at an expensive restaurant, well I have the same ones …LOL!

Ok, I mix up a quick dipping sauce of orange marmalade, a little water and a dash of jalapeno juice from the jar of peppers for a little “kick” and garnish the plate with a slice of lime for squeezing. It is great with the coconut shrimp!

While I am frying I throw a few French fries in also, why not, my arteries say …. !

I paired all this with a crisp chilled Pinot Grigio from Italy Cantina Rosa. I must say that is was quite a delicious meal. Certainly not gourmet, but what the hey …

Wine food pairing … put the lime in the coconut ….. CHEERS!


Bellini Valli said...

The cat photo had me laughing out loud:D

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