Wine Food Pairing with Fresh Raspberries ... YUM!

Its summer time and the living is easy down here in SW Florida ... lalala ....

Wine food pairing is taking a serious look at raspberries. I found a bunch of them and decided to have a super late lunch with these YUMMY berries.

I wanted something light, but I wanted to make sure that it filled everyone up. What about a refreshing salad? Out came the fresh field greens from the fridge, washed, spun and arranged in the big bowl. Two good handfuls of plump raspberries along with a goodly portion of crumbled blue cheese and topped with chopped walnuts! I dressed this with a raspberry vinaigrette that I found in the cold section of Publix and man oh man was this tasty!

I cheated a bit, please don't tell anyone, and popped some "tube" croissants into the oven to bake and of course make the house smell terrific ... LOL!

I chose to pair this all with a nicely chilled Sauvignon Blanc. The tangy, tart character was just what the doctor ordered. When in doubt, I always think that Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best dry white wines to go with the largest variety of food.

Wine food pairing in the summer time .... refreshing. CHEERS!

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Jude said...

Good tips... I love raspberries - probably my favorite summer fruit only next to blueberries.