Wine Food Pairing – How about Tasty Noodles?

Wine food pairing with linguine … sometimes I just have a craving for some good pasta in the middle of the day. Electricity has been restored to the Florida homestead since TS Fay left and I am in the mood to crank down the AC and boil up a pot of tasty noodles … LOL!

I have a boneless, skinless chicken breast in the fridge, it has my name all over it and it says cook me up! So how about a creamy garlic, chicken Parmesan with fresh mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes … YUMMERS!

I garnished this with some fresh basil from the herb garden, cherry tomatoes that I halved to make it look pretty along with some parm cheese that I have slivered off the block with a veggie peeler.

I popped the cork on a tasty Cabernet and with the extra rich cheesy sauce all was well with the world. Wine food pairing on a summer afternoon. CHEERS!


Uncle Brewski said...

That looks awesome.....and because I have previously had the privelige of dining with you I know it tastes as good as it looks!

Denise Clarke said...

Thanks Uncle B! Send me down some of that brisket while you are at it ... LOL!