Wine Food Pairing with a Wine Sorbet

We are in the dog days of summer and wine food pairing is asking the question …. What can we do that will be tasty and yet refreshing?

Have you considered a wine sorbet? I love the sorbets that you can easily make with fruit, fresh or frozen, a good water source and a little simple syrup and your ice cream maker. What if you add a nice wine to the mix, either white or red and a bit of simple syrup. You know, sugar that has already been dissolved in water and good spring water. Toss all this into the ice cream maker, follow the instructions on the ice cream maker and in just a bit you will have a refreshing sorbet to cool your palate!

What a refreshing afternoon treat or a cooling dessert after your evening BBQ. Wine food pairing experiments in the summer. Let’s cool down. CHEERS!


raz4125 said...
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raz4125 said...

Sorry about that, I just had some more to say...
I love sorbets. I never thought of pairing wine with a sorbet. Interesting idea I would love to try it. Interesting blog as well, I would visit again and learn a thing or two about wines.


Denise Clarke said...


I bet with all your mangoes in Trinidad and mango rum, I bet you could come up with a "killer" sorbet!