Wine Food Pairing ... Go Away Fay!

AHHHHH! Wine food pairing is back online! We have been without electricity to two days and it sure is great to flip a switch and have light, internet, Air conditioning ... YIPPPEEE!!!!!

You never realize how spoiled we are until we have to do without. Fortunately we didn't really have much damage from Tropical Storm Fay .... a few leaky windows, some tree damage, but thank goodness no storm surge. Our prayers were answered in regards to that because that can be so devastating. Living in Florida we know that these storms and hurricanes happen and the best we can hope for is that we have a small inconvenience and no loss of life or major property damage.

Without electricity, our Koi fish came up to the pond surface for extra oxygen after the first day. They like to have oxygen rich water so we took turns going to the pond and scooping big bowls full of water and letting it splash down to create a bit of O2 .... we also had small battery operated air stones for the pond, but they didn't really do the trick. When the power finally came back on the fish darted over under the waterfall and seemed to enjoy the splashing once again!

Our food needs were met quite nicely with the grill and side burner. The real trick was not to open the fridge very much and let the cold out. We figured we had one more day before we would have to start tossing stuff.

Here is Big Al working on a glass of Chablis and grilling up some killer chicken drummies ... I paired this with some broccoli slaw that I had made the day before and a foil packet of potatoes, onions and peppers on the grill. Sometimes wine food pairing is just a matter of doing it!

All in all it wasn't all that bad. I had the portable radio so we had great tunes playing, wine and a delicious BBQ ... what more could you want?


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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Looks like you guys weathered the storm with class! ;)
We still have power, but we are experiencing some flooding. Ah well, the joys of living in FL.