Wine Food Pairing ... Let's Watch the Flipper Show!

Wine food pairing .... tropical storm Fay, that naughty girl left us without power, what to do? Sit in the backyard and "enjoy" the heat and humidity of a Florida summers day. We are having a bit of a break from our yard cleanup duties. Fay was not a guest that you would ever want to invite back as she left the place a mess! I popped the cork on an Eastern Australian Merlot "Beach Dogs" ... I paired this with a platter with Brie, beef summer sausage, slices of my homemade bread (from when we did have electricity) and a bunch of seedless black grapes on the side.
This really was a nice lunch, of course I had my crank up portable radio in the background playing some bluesy kind of music. All was right with the world and then it happened ...... I looked up and suddenly the dolphins in the bay began their "Flipper" show! Of course you never know when this will happen ... they certainly don't perform on cue and usually stop before I get the camera ready .... LOL .... suffice to say it was even better than what the short video clip shows, quite spectacular actually!

Mother Nature has so many sides ... she is a fickle girl ... one minute she gives us Fay and then the next gives us a wonderful wildlife show, go figure.

Wine food pairing is terrific from my backyard. CHEERS!

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