Oh My! Wine Food Pairing at Peischinger Dorfwirt

Wine food pairing ... a lazy afternoon in Austria.

In a small village just a few minutes from our home in Breitenau is Peischinger Dorfwirt. This lovely Gasthaus is located in Peisching Austria .... Peisching has been around in Austrian history since the 12th century and for an Amercian girl, like myself, I am amazed to see bits and pieces still standing today several centuries later.

It is always a treat to eat, drink and visit with the owners, the Family Beistiner, who have known BigAl and his family for many, many years .... the gasthaus has been in the family for five generations. The last time I was here I enjoyed watching the storks nesting in a chimney across the street. How cool!

Peistinger Dorfwirt has a traditional Austrian kitchen and while they do have specials and a menu, they really will make what you request as long as they have it on hand ... a very friendly, customer oriented place. A great place for wine and food!

We visited with our friend Ralf ( yes, it is spelled that way!) and he was quite pleased at not only the food, but the great service. It was a wonderful sunny Austrian fall day and we sat in the garden to enjoy the terrific weather and all the people passing by.

These small villages are so special in the fact that it doesn't take to long before you meet someone that you know .... that means, of course, that you have to sit a bit longer to chat and then maybe order another glass of wine. In my case, it was a Blauer Zweigelt ... it showed me once again that their are many different variations of this tasty red wine. The zweilget here was full bodied and was great with or without food.

Ralf went with a white wine spritzer and thought it was perfect for the sunshine filled afternoon and of course, BigAl can't get enough of the local Austrian beer ... lol!

We all went with the "specials" of the day ... the boys went with a beef schnitzel, served with a rich sauce, topped with thinly sliced fried onion rings, potato patties and pickle ... I had a bite and it was delicious.

I decided on a chicken breast stuffed with spinach and then topped with the most amazing cheese sauce made with Emmanthaler swiss cheese ... YIKES ... this was sinfully rich and was paired with a fresh pasta that even made it better!

With any rich meal in Austria, it very important to have a digestive aid .... lol ... you know what that means ..... SCHNAPPS! I was going out on a limb here, but I asked Johann the owner if he had any of my new favorite "NUSS Schnapps" ... after a conference with BigAl as to asking what I was asking for he came out with the most wonderfully sweet liquor that was truly the nectar of the Gods .... Oh My!

The afternoon was a complete wine food pairing success! Next time you are in Austria, be sure to stop by. CHEERS!

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