WFP - Pizza Pie in Breitenau Austria!

Friday night in America and millions of people make their way to their local pizza parlor for their favorite pie and a cool beverage .... wine food pairing decided that it sounded like a darn good idea and that is exactly what we did in Breitenau Austria!

Now in Austria, it is not like they have local pizza "joints" on every corner ... the traditional Gasthaus and Heurigers abound in this country.

Our little village of Breitenau has one great little place called Pizzaria Ciao Italia! Owned by this fellow from Tunisia, it had the best of both worlds ... the inside setup looked quite traditional Austrian, but the pizza was thin crust all the way!

As you know from many of my posts, my German is spotty, at best and while I have learned a lot in the recent years, I still rely on BigAl to get me through the difficult parts of reading a menu ....

Well, we went over all the pie choices and he patiently read all the choices, we made our decision and then somehow, when our pizza came, it had had on it the dreaded ANCHOVY ...... !

Who invented these nasty guys, anyway? I guess when BigAl actually placed the order he didn't have his reading glasses on and read out the wrong name .... oh my!

A second pie was on its way in nothing flat and it was SUPER ... I loved the crust and the toppings were just right. AHHHH .... you hear that sigh of satisfaction?

I paired my pizza with Zweigelt, the tasty local fave and of course, a Kruegerl (0.5L)of beer ..... a Gösser "Gut, besser, ein echtes Gösser!" is what they say ...

To help digest all that pizza I thought I would ask if the had my new best favorite NUSS Schnapps. This is really on a limited basis and is not available in stores ... it is a homemade thing and only if someones Mom or Grandma makes it. Well, it so happens that he had some homemade schnapps that he made with Tunisian dates ... YUMMO ... is was a winner!

A great Friday night out in Breitenau Austria .... another wine food pairing adventure. CHEERS!

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