Wine Food Pairing - An Austrian Quickie!

Hahahaha! Wine food pairing serves an Austrian quickie! You guys must have dirty minds ... I would never write something naughty!

The Austrian quickie I was referring to is a quick one pan meal .... onions and green peppers sauteed in EVOO then toss in potatoes, tomatoes and sausage. S&P to taste and you are good to go on a wine and food adventure!

Now for the "real deal" you will want to pan fry a couple of eggs in butter, what else, and lay them on top with a sprinkle of fresh chives .... pickles are always a great Austrian garnish ... gherkins are the favorite !

I used Pussta (meaning pepper) sausage. Now BigAl says this stuff is from Austria, but I know that the Hungarians also make some mighty spicy stuff. This pussta sausage was so hot it made my eyebrows sweat ... pretty darn hot!

I served a local Austrian white wine with it to cool us down a little ..... Mullerthurgau Welschriesling from the vineyards not too far away. It certainly did the trick!

Hot crusty bread and a platter of farm cheeses and finished the meal up and we were singing zip-pe-de-doo-da in no time flat!

So many of the Austrian meals are quick and simple, you just need the fresh ingredients to pull it altogether .... wine food pairing across the pond. CHEERS!


Lori Lynn said...

Hi Denise. I just spent the last 20 minutes looking at your blog. It's terrific. Thank you for finding me through Foodbuzz.

BigAl and Hoots are too cute! I am so jealous, I would love to be in Austria drinking wine. I just did a post on GrĂ¼ner Veltliner paired with brunch on 10/7. I'll be back often.

Lori Lynn

Improvedliving said...

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Denise Clarke said...



A World in a PAN said...

THank you for visiting my blog, Denise.
I am doing an oenology course, and find wine and food paiting extremely interesting!
Finally, I love your recipe of the quick one pan meal. I am very inetrested in regional recipes and would like to ask you to publish it in my website ( Please contact me!

Gavan Murphy aka The Healthy Irishman said...

Hi Denise, where do you find the time to write all your blogs? Very impressive. We just launched our new site today so make sure you pop back.
Be well