Wine Food Pairing - Austrian Comfort Food!

An afternoon with our good friend Hans Tinhof and where should we go eat? We are all ready for wine and food!

A wine food pairing is always an adventure adventure ..... Hans' hueriger, Weingut Tinhof, is closed for the next couple of weeks and we are looking for some traditional Austrian food.

We load up in the car and head on out to the Hotel Restaurant Schwartz. We have been here many times and always enjoy it ...... it is a great place to stop on our way to the house in Breitenau after the long flight over from Florida when there is nothing to eat in the house.

Hans and BigAl toasting to the wonderful Austrian afternoon and longtime friends!

Alfred had a light tasty lunch of thinly sliced beef and cucumbers drizzled with vinegar and EVOO served alongside a mixed salad ....

Hans also went for the beef, but in a more hearty fashion with Austrian dumplings and a pasta casserole. Warm and filling .... Austrian comfort food ...

I went for the stuffed green pepper in a yummy tomato sauce served with parsley potatoes .... the filling was a mixture of rice and pork and well seasoned. It was just what the doctor ordered for a crisp fall afternoon. Definitely food for the soul!

I paired this up with a blaufrankish (red table wine) and I was a happy girl, indeed!

What more to life is there? Good food and wine and great friends to enjoy them with ... wine food pairing. CHEERS!

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