Wine Food Pairing - My Breitenau Fave!

Wine Food Pairing visits Breitenau Austria a couple of times a year. It is located about 30 miles south of Vienna and it is where BigAl grew up .... after his Mom passed we inherited the house and enjoy the Austrian lifestyle and local friends twice a year for 4 weeks or longer ... weather depending.

The village is small, about 2,000 people and boasts 3 gasthaus as well as other local services, like a delicious bakery across the street .... YUMMO! If you have ever had the pleasure of tasting Austrian baked goods, you know exactly what I am saying ... lol!

My fave food when I come to our Autrian home is a pusstaschnitzel. This is basically a pork schnitzel or cutlet pounded thin and sauteed with all kinds of red and green peppers, onions and tomatoes .... OH MY ... it is the best as far as I am concerned

It is served with pommes frites and a salat .... in other words French fries and mixed salad. For me this is next to Austrian heaven ....

Franz and Finny who own the Gasthaus zur Gemutlichkeit across the street from us were away on vacation for the first 3 weeks of our stay and I was hankering in a BIG WAY for my fave! I tried to GOOGLE a recipe, but had no luck, just had to wait to return to the Gemutlichkeit (a great place for friends to relax).

Finally they were back and I was able to enjoy the best!!

Houdini and I shared ... it is his favorite, also although he went with the water and I paired with the local Zweigelt. The whole meal was terrific and no one left disappointed!

All the locals gather there and BigAl always hooks up with some childhood friend or someone who knew his Father who was the local principal in the next town. It is a good thing that Houdini knows the way home ... by the time all the "rounds" are consumed and the toasts made, a luncheon turns into a dinner and them into a night "affair" ....

Wine food pairing in Breitenau ... WOW..... CHEERS!

PS. did I forget to mention the "killer" Nuss schnapps (walnut) after lunch????

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