Wine Food Pairing - Blaue Blunz'n in Moedling!

Wine food pairing goes to the town of Moedling for a grand wine and food experience with our friend Winnie. The Blaue Blunz 'n is a place that he has been coming to for years and it certainly lived up to its praise!
Here are the boys ... toasting to good health ... BigAl with a pilsner and Winnie with a Red cuvee.

Our server has been friends with Winnie for over 20 years and so there was a lot of joking and good times for everyone!

The restaurant has several specialities, so it was difficult for everyone to choose .....

Jungenschweinebraten for BigAl ... a big word for a young pork roast. This was roasted slow at a low temp with garlic cloves buried deep inside like little flavor treasures! It was served with the traditional Austrian dumplings .... one made with potato, the other from bread, then placed on a "sauced up" plate and dusted with caraway seeds. A slice of fresh bread added to this and BigAl was in Jungenschweinebraten heaven ... lol!

Winnie opted for Wildschwein (wild boar) . "Wild" meat is on all the menus this time of year with hunting season open. They prepared this "tasty boy" with pieces of bacon for even more wonderful flavor! Potato patties and a yummy gravy completed this "hunters" special.

Now, I was looking for less exotic fare and went with puntenschnitzel (turkey schnitzel) garnished with lemon slices. It was just what I was looking for and I enjoyed a local Blaufrankish with my meal.

Winnie and I compared our wines, his the cuvee and mine the Blaufrankish and I must say that I liked his cuvee
better ....

Now with any heavy meal in Austria ... it seems that most of them are "heavy" you need a digestive aid ... in this case a schnapps. I asked the server to bring me the house specialty ... you can never go wrong with that ... and she brought out a Himbergeist schnapps. Very mild as far as schnapps goes, it is always served in small glasses like this. The himber is flavored from raspberries and is not sweet at all, but has a delightful nose to it.

Now I thought that we were done, but Winnie insisted on something sweet to end the meal and ordered a OH so terrific KaiserSchmarren ..... this is a traditional Austrian 'pancake' that is pulled apart while it is cooking and then dusted with powdered sugar and then served with fruit. Ours was served with fresh plums that they had picked earlier off the tree and then "stewed" .

What a great meal! Food and wine like this is such a treat ... something that can't be indulged in everyday, but oh so good.

Another wine food pairing adventure in Austria. CHEERS!

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