Wine Food Pairing - Old Pilot Meet Up!

Don't be a show-off. Never be too proud to turn back. There are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old, bold pilots.
E. Hamilton Lee, 1949

BigAl and some up his "old" pilot buddies had a meet up at the Weingut Tinhof. Wine food pairing is tagging along to watch the festivities.

Hans Tinhof is actually one of the crowd also, but he just isn't quite as old!

These guys go way back together with crazy, scary stories that they tell about their flying adventures ...

BigAl was very big into precision flying .... coming in 2nd in the World Championships held in Canada in 1979.

Here he is holding up a picture from one of his acrobatic stunts ..... YIKES!!!! I'm glad he doesn't do that anymore ... that upside down plane looks pretty close to the ground to me!

I had to have a couple of glasses of wine just to look at that picture .... lol .... of course, I chose a Blauer Zweigelt to settle my nerves and it seemed to do the trick. Pretty soon I was ready to join in the terrific feast that the Hans Tinhof crew prepared.

All traditional Austrian dishes from the fresh breads to the different wursts .... YUMMO!

Here are the boys posing together ... BigAl, Karl Zimmerman, Fuchs, and Hans Tinhof.

Wine food pairing toasts all the old pilots. CHEERS!

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