WFP - Kick off Your Shoes, Let's Get Barefoot!

The holidays are always great for wine food pairing. A lot of new foods and wine seem to appear on the store shelves and scream at you to pay attention. Barefoot Bubbly is just such a wine. It seems that I never noticed it before ... or maybe it was never stocked before.

Anyway, I am a sucker for sparkling wines and this just caught my eye one day ... let's give it a try! I bought the brut cuvee in hopes that it would be very, very dry ... in other words not sweet. In this case, while it was indeed a pleasant tasting sparkling wine, I was a bit disappointed. It had wonderful bubbles, but was a bit too sweet for my taste.

We paired our cocktail hour bubbly with some "party mix" that Aunt Patti had made just before she left to go north to the colder climes. The Barefoot Bubbly paired nicely with it and made for a terrific pre-dinner snack.

As for the Bubbly, yes, I would get it again, but only to pair with an appetizer ... it was just too sweet as a stand alone.

Wine food pairing makes tough decision ... lol. CHEERS!

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