Wine Food Pairing - COOL Tools .. GO Vinturi!

Wine food pairing asks "what do you get someone who has everything"? Aunt Patti and Brewski Bob found this cool new wine tool ... a Vinturi wine aerator!

Of course, we had to do several test runs with it and tried drinking the same wine with and without aeration. I noticed that the wine had a "richer" feel in my mouth and the tannins were not as harsh. BigAl wasn't sure if he noticed a difference, but he had had a beer before the experiment and that may have "clouded" his judgement.

After we got home from the different tastings and did a bit of research we found out that you can use the aerator either to pour by the glassful or to fill a red wine decanter. This nifty device has a rubber collar that seals the decanter nicely to protect the wine from deterioration or "buggies" that could be flying about.
We use the Vinturi Wine Aerator all the time now and the wine food pairing crew has decided it definitely makes a difference to the wine tasting experience .... all in all ... we have given it a 4 thumbs up. CHEERS!

Try it for yourself:

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