Wine Food Pairing - Would You Like Cheese with that Wine?

Wine food pairing ... that old joke "would you like some cheese with that wine?" always is good for a chuckle or two ... !

Back in my homeland, the good old USA and busily trying to reclaim my house from the dust bunnies and other "critters" that have been inhabiting the house for the last few weeks ... lol ....

What is better than a quick snack of wine and cheese with some whole grain crackers?  Of course, you need to have some grapes nearby also to cleanse the palate.

I tried out a Cabernet / Merlot from Gato Negro "black cat" from Chile.  The cheese (from Publix) had cranberries in it and was wonderful, but a bit too sweet to pair with the cab ... ahhhh ... better luck next time.

All in all, a nice relaxing time to kick back and enjoy the Florida lifestyle .... afterall, wine food pairing should be stress free.  CHEERS!

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