Wine Food Pairing Does Szegediner Gulasch ....

Wine food pairing
asks the important question, "What, my friends, is Szegediner Gulasch?"

It is party time again and this time we have the opportunity to visit with our friends Angela and Hans who are our hosts for this evenings dinner ( the couple on the right


It is interesting to note that these two live 6 months in Vienna and then 6 months in Florida ... only 3 blocks away from us.  It was a chance dog walking encounter when we met several years ago. I began talking with Angela when I asked her where her accent was from .... little did we know that we were neighbors both here and in Austria!

Anyway, I digressed, lol .... Angela is a terrific hostess and we were met, upon entering, with the question would we like champagne or a refreshing holiday punch made from Compari, sparkling wine, sliced melons and raspberries.  We all went for the punch and what a great choice it was! Tasty, as well as thirst quenching.

As you can see, the table was laid with the Austrian traditions in mind and everything was just so, from the Austrian crystal goblets to the decorative napkin rings.  The table was already set to begin with our first course ....  a tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil salad ... YUMMO!

Our main course was the Szegediner Gulasch .... this is the answer to the opening question! Szegediner Gulasch is really Hungarian Sauerkraut Goulash.  This is made with pork tenderloin, sauerkraut, onions, sour cream,  spicey sausage along with  sweet and hot Hungarian paprika ... WOW ... this was great! Angela made fresh semelknoedel, or Austrian bread dumplings to go along with the goulash and they were light, tender and melt in your mouth yummy.

We paired this with a chilled Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio from Italy and the dry delicate flavor was perfect to put out the fires caused by the Goulash!  We went through several bottles and then switched to Cavit Pinot Grigio when we ran out  ..... lol!

Next came the "sweet" portion of the meal ... a flourless rich chocolate mocha cake that was served with whipped cream on the side .... mmmm .... everyone had a second piece.

After a bit of rest ... all this eating is tiring business .... we were on to the cheese and fruit plate.  Holy cow .... everything was delicious!

Wine food pairing, what a job.  CHEERS!

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