Wine Food Pairing - A Bloody Mary Morning!

AHHHH .... the wine food pairing crew is home and enjoying our first weekend back.  Perhaps we celebrated a bit too much the night before as it seems that the fog is not outside, but right in my own head ... lol!

What a terrific time for our good friends Aunt Patti and Brewski Bob to invite us down to their house for Bloody Mary's to get our eyes really opened and our heads on straight for the day.  Even Houdini is feeling the jet lag a bit, but he has chosen to stay with fresh spring water as his "poison" of choice ... Bentley Brown, the "top dog" at the Brown household is more than happy to share!

I have never had that old southern favorite of biscuts and sausage gravy so Bob gets busy and whips up a plateful with the help of Aunt Patti doing the eggs.  Talk about a hearty breakfast, this is certainly it ... I could go out and plow a couple of fields about now ... just kidding, more like take a nappy!  I didn't know what I was missing all these years.

For some unknown reason I was operating under the misconception that biscuts and gravy were also known as SOS, or as the military folks call it, "sh*t on a shingle" ... YIKES ... I would never eat something named that!  After a bit of research, I found out that SOS is actually chipped beef or hamburger in gravy and served on toast.  Beef boullion is also added for extra flavor and actually doesn't taste all that bad, in addition, it is an inexpensive way to serve a bunch of people.

Well, Bob and Pat did a SUPER job! What a great way to start a Sunday morning with tasty drinks and a YUMMY breakfast.  Needless to say, we didn't linger too long after breakfast .... our couch back home was calling us!

Great wine food pairing is all about great friends, good food and refreshing beverages.  CHEERS!


A World in a PAN said...

And what did the puppy have?

Denise Clarke said...

Uncle Brewski and Houdini are pretty "tight" .... a bit of non-spicey sausage was prepared just for him ... lol!