Wine Food Pairing with a Zippy Dip in Monkey Bay!

Wine food pairing .... work, work, work!

This time of year is when you can expect unexpected guests to drop in or in my case, with a friendly neighborhood, just walk by and you invite them in.

Of course, you always want to have something simple to serve that is quick and easy.  You also want to make everyone think that you are indeed wonderful (which of course, you ARE!)

One of the all time no brainer, tasty and terrific looking things to do for impromptu get togethers is putting together a YUMMY dip with a brick of Philly cream cheese ... I do low fat ... and pour about a half of a jar of Harry and Davids "Pepper and Onion Relish" over it.  This makes a "zippy" tasting dip with just the right amount of heat and the colors are festive, also!

Harry and Davids also have this same relish with Zinfindel added which is a bit sweeter, but with the same zip .... so many choices to make in life ... lol!

Put a napkin lined basket of your favorite crackers out and give everyone their own cheese spreader.  There are so many cute ones available.

My wine of choice to pair with this great appetizer is a chilled Sauvignon Blanc from Monkey Bay.  This refreshing white from New Zealand is just what the doctor ordered to cool down the palate.

Wine food pairing during the holidays should be fun, festive and no stress.  Thanks Harry and David.  CHEERS!

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