Wine Food Pairing - A Merry Christmas to All!

Wine food pairing celebrates Christmas with its own special traditions. Christmas in Florida is different than other parts of the US ... we look for ways to entertain ourselves that don't involve fighting snow and blizzards! A white Christmas for us is a day on the sugar white sands at the beach. The love of Great food and wine always plays a big part.

Friends and family gather at our next door neighbors, they load up the boat with Santa and his elves, then we share our "spirit" with the rest of our neighbors .... of course, it always begins with the popping of the ceremonial champagne "cork" ... this one from California's Crane Lake, a nice Brut ... see video ... and then the merriment progresses from there ...

Singing and entertaining the homes on the waterfront ... after so many years, people have started to send in their requests ... lol! After all, everyone loves to have a personal visit from the Jolly Old Elf!

After the exhausting boat ride, we take a few moments, gather up our yummy food offerings and celebrate. There is so much to give thanks for this time of year, but most of all, our wonderful friends that gather together each year. This is an awesome wine food pairing event!

Terrific wines from the Finger Lakes region of New York spotlight the Turkey dinner ( I chose a Dr. Frank Rkatsiteli ) ... what more could you ask for?

So from our families to yours ....
Merry Christmas .... CHEERS!


Meredith Celentano said...

Denise - thanks for leaving a comment on my site about "Christmas Cookies." I appreciate it and look forward to becoming more familiar with your site, as well.

TBC said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Denise.
Just saw the video clip. What a fun way to celebrate Christmas! :)

Happy Holidays!

Two Hands Caricaturist said...

Great lifestyle!