Fun wine food pairing....try chocolate!

For fun with your wine food pairing, try'll find that it can be a dessert wine's best friend!

When selecting chocolates to pair with your dessert wine, you should be searching for one important number: the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate. Usually, this percentage is marked clearly on the label or box containing the piece of chocolate. The amount of cocoa dictates how sweet the chocolate will be. For example, 30% cocoa and 70% sugar present in most milk chocolates, make for a sweet and creamy taste that does not compliment dessert wines as well.

The choice has everything to do with the selection of wine to pair with the chocolate. The lighter, sweet fruit aspects of Madeira team up nicely with a very dark, over 70% cocoa chocolate. However, if you can't find Madeira, a Tawny or Ruby Port serves as a good substitute...... even a Cabernet. I've found a site that seems to have one of the best selections of wine.......check out Cellars Wine Club

Quality dark chocolate pieces, truly compliment sweet wines. So experiment with pieces of various dark chocolates next time you do a wine food pairing with a dessert wine. You love cheese plates; why not chocolate plates? ENJOY!

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