Wine Food Pairing for the barbecue!

Is beer the the king of barbecue food or is there room for wine food pairing at the grill?

Summer is here and that means the grills come out. Everyone is looking for a refreshing beverage that beats the heat and goes well with their favorite barbecue. With wine's increase in popularity comes the challenge of finding a wine to serve that not only beats the heat, but goes well with all those "grill" favorites! From tangy ribs to a delicious steak or perhaps even shrimp on the barbie, the friends I polled all loved the "blush" wines of White Zin or Rose.

Served chilled it beats the heat both on the outside as well as inside!

Learn for yourself what combinations of tastes YOU enjoy the most. Feel free to experiment with Wine Food Pairing, and enjoy! CHEERS!

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