Wine Food Pairing.....

Many people worry needlessly about wine food pairing, the plain fact of the matter is that most foods go with most wines. It is NOT rocket science!

There are of course exceptions, but often it is a matter of personal taste or individual chemistry. Here are a couple of experiments which help demonstrate the effect of wine and food on each other. Sip a tart white wine then bite into a wedge of lemon, try the wine again and notice the apparent change in flavor of the wine. Next taste a very tannic, cabernet, then bite into a green olive and try the wine again. Suddenly the wine tastes smooth and velvety. YIKES…who would of thought!

Wine food pairing should be a FUN adventure…… so go forth into the wonderful world of wines and experiment…..CHEERS!

For more information on wines go to Cellars Wine Club

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