Wine Food Pairing...Cajun, anyone?

Hot, spicy Cajun food....Wine Food Pairing....what to do?

The wonderful "heat" from Cajun cooking...primarily from cayenne, requires, a low alcohol, white wine. A crisp Pinot Grigio or Muscat will have your taste buds dancing to Zydeco without upping the heat! These wines will cool the heat with their high acidity and without the high alcohol content.

Champagne, with all those tiny bubbles, is also a terrific choice. When my neighbor, Pete, prepares his annual "mud bug" boil, I always pair it with Freixenet Brut....OK I am a princess, but what could be better than great friends, terrific spicy food and a chilled glass of bubbly? As I have said many times, Wine Food Pairing is an step up to the plate and enjoy! CHEERS!

Cellars Wine Club has a lot of information to share with your on your next wine food pairing!

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