Wine Food Pairing with Oysters!

Who would think that wine food pairing with oysters and red wine would work? Aren’t you “supposed” to drink beer with oysters?

Apparently 40% of the population surveyed found nothing wrong with it, in fact, they enjoyed the combination! It seems that a lot of “pairing” combinations come from personal taste and body chemistry. In the same survey, it was found, that, 60% thought the combination awful with a terrible metallic taste ruining both the wine and the oysters.

Many times I go to the store and am boggled at the wine selections…and there is no one to ask that seems to know about the wines. My favorite online site for information is Cellars Wine Club ….just click on it and see what you think.

So the the word of the day is to relax! If you enjoy the wine food pairing of wine and oysters then don’t worry. Most foods go with most wines….CHEERS!

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