Wine Food Pairing...Celebrate the Snapper!

For those of you that scoff....I take my wine food pairing seriously!

Here I am in the Abacos, Bahamas...we had just reeled in a lovely snapper and I thought quickly....what do we have on the boat that would pair nicely with this delightful fish? Freixenet Brut, of course! This terrific sparkling wine was just what the doctor ordered to cool our parched throats after a long day of fishing.

I do my fish on the barbie in foil with sliced vidalia onions, fresh lemon, extra virgin olive oil and whatever fresh herbs that are plentiful on the boat (I keep a few pots on the boat when we cruise).

Of course by the time by the time the fish was done on the barbie we had finished the Freixenet and we were on to a crisp chilled Pinot Grigio to complement the moist snapper! Thank you Mr. Snapper for a terrific dinner!

Wine food pairing is an adventure to enjoy! CHEERS!

For more information on wine food pairing check out Cellars Wine Club

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