Wine Food Pairing .... Champagne and Gems!

I love Wine Food Pairing! What is more versatile in life? Have you ever tried pairing your Champagne with diamonds and other fine jewels?

One of our neighbors has a friend who is diamond merchant from South Africa. Every year he comes to Florida for a brief vacation. What better reason is there to have a party?

Anybody can pair wine with cheese or food, but think of it....sparkling wine with twinkling gems....SUPER!

Wine Food Pairing is quite a challenge....are you up for it? For more information on sparkling wines visit Cellars Wine Club

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Claudia said...

Did you say diamonds?

Diamonds, now that is something that always catches my attention.

South Africa is darling territory for me.

I had a lover in South Africa who presented me with a gorgeous saphire and ruby antique snake ring in a glass of Fairview Rose.

I nearly swallowed the ring! The wine is a mixture of Gamay noir and Shiraz which is a lovely dry Rose with spicy notes and a crisp, dry finish. Very special and pairs well with as I said jewels and romantic feelings.

And for a wine food pairing experience try it with a hot curry which only Indians in South Africa can prepare.